Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Just Got a Book Published!

christian romance novel, sexy jesus christ hunk
Not Just One of the Flock

By Bobbi Melonosky
A Harlequin Christian Romance Novel Special Release

Sept 2010
Miniseries: Red State Rapture Collection
Category: Contemporary Christian Romance

When her cheating husband and his young mistress are sent away to Federal Prison for tax evasion and the illegal funding of known terrorist organizations, sophisticated Katie Kummins, a wildly successful, but heartbroken publisher of teen fashion magazines, runs away from the big city to a posh spa in the countryside.

Her quest for tranquility is aborted when she finds instead Jesus Christ, a sexy, alluring, and smoldering -- organic sheep farmer! Will Katie leave her spiked high heels and materialistic ways forever and embrace her new found love of Jesus? Can these two mismatched lovers live together without driving each other crazy?

Read an Excerpt from the soon to be Best Selling - Not Just One of the Flock!

Bobbi Melonosky is the girly name I use when I write chick stuff. Not my image of Jesus Christ. That is a real image of a Burning Hunk of Steaming Savior Love used by right-wing fundamentalist churches to lure in unsuspecting, potential female followers.


  1. Bob,

    You slay me. When things go rough you can always turn to the "burning hunk of steaming saviour love" or just call Pablo.


  2. Wozzel,

    Thanks for the comment!


    Thanks for the comment!

    Wozzel and Virgin,

    Look for it on Amazon or ever better, at a struggling bookstore near you! Or just wait for it to get to the library like I would.


  3. Bobby,

    You write a book? The impossiblity of that possibiity expunges the funny from this bit.

    All good comedy is based in reality.


  4. Hopefully on Kindle?

    Love the excerpt. I always wanted to write a cheesy romance novel, but laziness always gets the better of me. It all started with some old Frank Zappa song... I forget which one.

  5. Mr. Whiteplume,

    Thanks for the comment!

    Frank Zappa... saw him on Halloween at the old Paladium on 14th street when I was 15.