Friday, October 22, 2010

The Favre Refrigerator

William Safire, my most loyal reader inspired this post by commenting on my last post. Thanks Bill!

funny brett and deanna favre's refrigerator A buddy that works as a PA at TMZ e-mailed me these exclusive photos of Brett and Deanna Favre's refrigerator. While appearing on Good Morning America to sell her book, Deanna explained that she is relying on faith to see her through these troubling times. She even put one of her favorite psalms from the Book of Isaiah on her refrigerator. Now, whenever she fetches her dirtbag husband a beer, she is strengthened.

Let's see what the sleeze mongers at TMZ have waiting for us.

funny favre refrigerator magnets Hmm, not very inspirational. Look, the Favre's ran out of L's. I hate when that happens.

funny deanna favre favorite psalm for strength There it is, the "Do not fear" psalm. Between you and me, most of these psalms scare the beejeezus out of me. This one is nice. God must have been having a good day.

funny favre to do lists
The Favre's are a busy bunch. I hope that the TMZ guys didn't pay the maid too much for these photos. They're kind of boring.

favre's troubled child's art work Whoa, Junior is not much of an artist. Maybe this child should have been left behind, about three grades! Wait, I apologize, that's his old man's di... Junior's gots the internet!

funny brett and jenn sterger Stop that! It's only Brett's niece from back east.


  1. Haha, oh brett Favre, bet you wish you didnt have a camera in your phone now huh?

  2. Alpha,

    Thanks for the comment!

    No matter how many times they tell us different, jocks are stupid.


  3. Bobby,

    These bits really do take you only 10 minutes. I plant the seed, go take a dump and before I'm done wiping, you have a blog post.

    Some might say that my efforts in the bathroom were more rewarding, entertaining, pleasant to look at, and socially relevant than the crap you produce, but I won't say it.

    I'll write it.


  4. Bill,

    Thanks for the great idea for a bit!!!

    Talk about tanking. Turns out that nobody wants to read a bit about Brett and Deanna Favre's refrigerator.

    This bit was less popular than the Christine O'Donnell sex tape. You know, 20 years of a blank screen isn't exactly challenging youtubes's band width.

    Next time you have a good idea for a bit, do me a favor, tell Arianna Huffington.