Monday, November 1, 2010

Freaks and Geeks for Halloween

freaks and geeks halloween funny I had every intention of carrying on my long-held holiday tradition of watching Mel Brook's Young Frankenstein and a great scary movie. Netflix spit the bit on Young Frankenstein (it's probably showing up in my mailbox as we write) and while George Romero's original Night of the Living Dead was free "On-Demand," without the double feature it just didn't seem right.

So I popped in the Freaks and Geeks halloween episode (that I own) and created a new tradition. Every aspect of the roller coaster ride that is beeing a teen is nailed during this episode. I'm the guy in the back of that photo up there.

I was a stoned out geek throughout school. I was wasted pretty much everyday from my 14th birthday until I was 25. I was never cool enough to be a true Freak (we called them Heads where I grew up on Long Island) so I drifted uncomfortably between the Venn Diagram circles that were the Heads, Jocks, Geeks and Yuppies. So I can identify with almost every character on the show.

freeks and geeks halloween bill the bionic woman, Jamie Sommers I actually dressed in drag with my best friend Dave to pick up my brother at the library. We didn't even have halloween as an excuse. I was driving so I must have been at least 16. It wasn't nearly as funny as Bill. Not much on television or in real life has ever been as funny as Bill.

If I ever get to make a movie, I promise to write really good parts for Bill (Martin Starr) and Neil (Sam Levine).

If you're keeping track, that movie also has a great part for Cheryl Hines.


  1. Hey Bob,
    Freaks and Geeks was wayy underappreciated. Too bad it only lasted a season, it would be great to have it run as long as According to Jim. Have you seen Superbad or Woodshop? I recommend Woodshop because it has Jesse Ventura as well as being a modern day interpretation of 'the breakfast club'

  2. Mike,

    I have not seen Woodshop but will now. Watched Superbad and really liked the cops and McLovin.

    Thanks for the comment!