Thursday, September 25, 2014

NFL tells ESPN to Suspend Bill Simmons. Stay tuned for Sportscenter where you won't hear anything about it because the NFL tells us exactly what to do.

NFL vs. ESPN Bill Simmons suspension funny
NFL vs. ESPN: The Battle of Evil Empires

Who am I kidding? NFL vs. ESPN is more like this:

NFL vs. ESPN Bill Simmons suspension funny
NFL vs. ESPN: Thank you, Sir! May I have another?

Bill Simmons badmouths NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and he gets a three week suspension for failure to meet "ESPN’s journalistic standards." NY Times Article

Did you guys know that ESPN had "journalistic standards?" The network that had Pedro Gomez holding the needles and kissing Barry Bonds acne-scarred ass as Steroidman chased Babe Ruth's record.  The network that lets Chris Broussard spout his homophobic hate speech with no suspensions. The network that pulls its popular entertainment programming and an investigative documentary because the NFL told them to.

The network that suspended Stephen A. Smith for 1 week for saying that women should stop provoking their men into beating the shit out of them.

ESPN has journalistic standards?   Even FOX News is laughing about that idea.

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