Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Week in Alba: The Daily Mail's Obsession with Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba selfie cute and hot

The Daily Mail is obsessed with Jessica Alba. Now, I know that she is a rightwing nutjob that infamously trashed the Screenwriters Guild when it went on strike, and she's hot, but does she deserve more than an article a day?  Jessica must be banging Rupert Murdoch or paying the Daily Mail for the exposure.

Jessica Alba new photos hot

Here are this week's Jessica Alba articles:

Sept. 10: Jessica Alba Takes Daughter to Zoo
Sept 9: Jessica Alba the Stylish Mom takes a Break
Sept 9: Style Maven Jessica Alba Leads the Fashion Pack
Sept 8: The Perfect Day! Jessica Alba Explores NY with Daughter
Sept 7: Jessica Alba Can't Stop Taking Pictures of her Daughter
Sept 6: Boom! Jessica Alba is Back on Fashion Form
Sept. 5: Jessica Alba Flashes Toned Tummy
Sept. 5: Jessica Alba Goes from Yummy Mummy to Just Plain Mumsy
Sept. 3: Jessica Alba and her Daughter Wear Swimsuits
Sept 2: Jessica Alba Reveals her Trim Figure

Not exactly newsworthy or titilating stuff.  Jessica didn't open a blockbuster movie over the weekend, show off her baby bump or twerk with a dwarf yet she got 10 articles. Those are Kardashian numbers!

All KKK of them.

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