Friday, September 27, 2013

The Week in Alba - 9/27/13

jessica alba sexy selfie

My weekly recap of The Daily Mail's obsession with Jessica Alba

A week's worth of hot Jessica Alba photos

Here are this week's scintillating scotoma of Jessica Alba articles:

Sept. 21: Jessica Alba Dons Quirky Shades
Sept. 22: Flower power! Jessica Alba and her Daughter Coordinate in Floral Ensembles
Sept. 23: Jessica Alba and Daughter Bond Over Pampering Session
Sept. 23: Jessica Alba Displays her Slender Legs
Sept. 24: Jessica Alba Takes Us Behind the Scenes
Sept. 24: I Can Wear Shorts Now
Sept. 27: Jessica Alba Flashes her Toned Waist in a Crop Top
Sept. 27: Anyone for Diapers? Jessica Alba Turns Sexy Saleswoman

Jessica Alba has a bounce back week as she records 10 articles in The Daily Mail.  Either the zit on her nose receeded into her epidermis or she sent a pajamagram to Uncle Rupert. Perhaps Jessie was in the pajamas that arrived at the Murdoch stately estate?

Body parts, her daughter (Jessica Alba IS a great mom), and a diaper pitch were the headlines of the week.

And because I know what you want, and I know how much traffic this will generate to my little blog, I present a Jessica Alba Bonus!

Jessica Alba Sexy Feet Bonus

Jessica Alba feet sexy feet hot

Jessica Alba's sexy feet looking all hot as she receives a pedicure. Yummy. Toes. Red Naughty Monkey Peek A Boo Pumps. Almost there? Here you go.

Jessica Alba sexy feet closeup

Are we finished now?  Good.

You're welcome and now you owe me. Here's the deal. If we ever end up in a hot, sweaty threesome with Jessica Alba, you can have her feet, if I can have all the rest of her.

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