Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Curling Been Berry, Berry Good to Me

Come for the hot women of curling, leave when you realize that this is a comedy writer's blog. It was a good run while it lasted and its lasted way too long.

Madeleine Dupont, Nicole Joraanstad and the rest of the Curling Cuties sent approximately 11,000 hornybastards to my blog. But now that the olympics are over, I'm going back to my raunchy skewering of sports, Rupert Murdoch and whatever else tickles my bone.

So here is one last photo of our favorite Dane, Madeleine Dupont:

Damn, how delicious is that? I wanna nibble on that mole until her toes curl...

Yup, no more photos of curling women -- unless my dream comes true and I become a Mormon, marry Maddie and Nicole Joraanstad and start posting photos of my incredibly blonde family all over my blog.

Doesn't grandma and little Melon-y look happy! I know what you're thinking, you own a jacket and a shirt with buttons? Nah, they're loaners.

Or maybe, ESPN will stop showing the nightly World Championship of Poker and show us some curling now and again!!! I got a better shot at being the king of a small european country.


  1. Yeah, I hope you don't get your hopes up with that whole televised curling thing...

  2. Candice,

    I can only watch so much Univision (on mute). I need a little curling.

    Do you know how much I have to pay extra to get kicked in the nutsack? Seriously.

    Maybe your son should buy her a pair of 3 inch heels and a leash with his name on it. A small investment up front could save him tons in the long run.


  3. Bobby,

    I can't say that I'm sad to see the curling go. Your obsession with these women bewildered me.

    If you feel an urge, go up to the second circle and for $35 American, you can have your pick of thewindblownwhores.


  4. Thanks for the follow.

    I may have to vomit on the idea of sucking on a mole. You know curling is equivalent to sweeping the floor and my floors need to be swept.

  5. Dear Wanna,

    I may be willing to watch you sweep your floor for 3 hours if you yell a lot. Are you willing to push an iron or blender across your kitchen floor?

    Also, I will need a couch for sitting, a beer for drinking and a remote for when the commercials come on.

    Are you busy tonight?