Thursday, April 9, 2009

Frankie, Bill Welke and the Mick

The 9th inning of the Met game was not comfortable. Frankie "Don't call me K-Rod" Rodriguez came this close . (that's a pixel) to blowing his first save. Bottom line, the Mets won. But...

Frankie Rodriguez went 2-0 on five batters. He threw so many curveballs I was waiting on one. So what's the deal, is it a hiccup on his way to 73 no pressure saves or is it the curse of Tug McGraw?

Painful memories of Doug Sisk, Armando Benitez, and every reliever that waddled out of the bullpen last year flashed through my sleepy brain until Frankie got the last out on a soaring drive to right-center that died on the warning track.

The game clocked in at 3 hours 54 minutes. You would have thought it was an old Yankee game when we got the priviledge of watching Bernie Williams adjust his wristbands for 40 minutes a game.

Umpires. Last night in the 9th, Bill Welke blew a call. It ended up being meaningless but he blew it. He called a guy safe because he thought Carlos Delgado took his foot of the bag. He was wrong. Keith Hernandez, color guy for SNY who tends toward homer-ism but who takes firstbase play VERY seriously, thought Welke blew the call.

Here's the deal. Every year MLB comes out with a report that lists every blown call for the season. And every year the data are ridiculous, like 80 blown calls. That's 80 blown calls in 2,430 regular season games (I think, someone help me with the math).

With Passover and day games, I've seen a total of about 12 innings, parts of both Met and Yankees games, the Red Sox game last night and I got to see Aaron Heilman pitch effectively for his new team, and I've already seen a blown call. I'm gonna keep track.

Quick Inappropriate Comment: How'd you like to have that photo of you floating about the internet. I hope an Amber Alert goes off if Bill Welke ever moves to my neighborhood.

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