Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why is this night...

I know, this blog was supposed to be only about beisbol but then I saw this:

Those wacky, ultra-orthodox newspaper editors in Israeli used Photoshop to replace two female members of the Israeli cabinet with men in the official published photo. Apparently, when the bible is correctly interpreted, photos of women are a no-no. The editors did not want to offend God and their devoted readership. We can't have Schlomo whacking off to the Minister of Transportation when he's supposed to be studying.

The obvious questions are, who are these guys and how can I get a piece of the action? I look Jewish and I own a suit. It seems like the equivalent of those people that sit in the seats at the Oscars while the real stars are in the bathroom touching up their Botox.

Think of the prime kosher meat I could score with this photo in my wallet. "Hey baby, there's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and there's me. How about we go up to my place for some labna and radishes?"

Other obvious questions are, what the eff is wrong with the religious nutjobs on this planet and what on God's green earth can be done about it?

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