Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Morning N.Y. Mets Week in Review

The guy on the wall caught the ball. The guy in front of it didn't.

If I told you that Johan Santana gave up 1 earned run in 12 2/3 innings, struckout 20 and ended up 1-1 for the week, you'd say welcome to the 2008 N.Y. Mets. I'd say welcome back to the future.

Week Number 1 is done and the Mets are 3-3. Facing the Reds and Marlins, and with Santana getting two starts, I was hoping for 4-2. But they were on the road, so let's call it a wash.

How about these gaudy batting averages?

.478 Church
.398 Delagado
.375 Castillo
.360 Beltran
.304 Wright

Can you spell LOB? Hmm, maybe, the Mets left 53 on base over the week but their oponents left 46. Not much difference there.

The Mets choked! They didn't hit with men on base, what are they, September swooning in April now? The Mets did go an anemic (13-59, .220); their opponents went (14-54, .259). The league was, I don't know, but i'm guessing about the same.

It was the bully factor (in the Bronx, its sometimes called the A-Rod factor), winning big and losing close. The Mets wins:

The Mets weren't bullying anybody.

Sometimes the stats aren't worth crunching. This is one of those times. Just sit back and enjoy. Baseball is back!

Highlights of the week for me, watching Sean Green's sidearm delivery make Dan Uggla look like me. Wave, buckle and bucket, all in the same at bat. Ugh! It was beautiful.

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