Friday, April 24, 2009

The Sheffield Report - 4/24/09

There will be no lol-ing during the reading of this post. Stats, straight up, no ice, no soda, no frickin' olive.

There have been 17 runners on base when the Sheff has stepped into the batter's box and he has driven in none. Gary Sheffield equals:

For the sake of fairness and for you D-Rod haters, here's the rest of the Mets:

ROB = runners on base
OBI = runners on base that you drive home
OBI% - percentage of the runners on base that you drive home.

So, David Wright has gotten up with 54 runners on base. He has driven 5 of them home. That's 9.3%

Carlos Delgado has driven home 20% of the runners on base when he steps to the plate.

Ryan Church and Sheffield have actually been less clutch than D-Rod.

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