Friday, December 4, 2009

Eli Manning Signs Wall at Cowboy Stadium

Dallas Cowboys not Happy about Eli's Autograph on Wall

IRVING — Cowboy linebacker Bradie James was at his outspoken best Wednesday when he talked about the Cowboys - Giants rivalry and one of the points he made was that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning had defiled the new stadium after New York’s 33-31 victory in September.

"Eli signed the inside of the locker room," James said. "He put his phone number. You got to be discreet about that stuff. We won’t forget that. It just makes for a more intense game."

If there was any doubt about the authenticity of the signature, Manning put an end to that Thursday when he confirmed that he did, in fact, sign a concrete column in the visitors’ locker room.

"It’s a pretty common thing," Manning told reporters in New York. "It's how Peyton hooked up with Zach Thomas. Heck, it's how my dad met Jack Youngblood."

Archie and Peyton Manning was unavailable for comment.

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said he likes and respects Manning, but also said, "Things come back around in this league. Eli is a classy player but he has to learn to keep it on the down low. I really respect him, especially his family. I played football against his dad in college and we shared the soap in the shower but you won't find my signature on the wall at Ole Miss."

Manning did not seem concerned when told that the Cowboys were using his autograph as motivational fodder.

"I kind of heard a few things about it," Manning said. "I figure they’ll eventually get over it. Next time I'll just put my number on my facebook wall."


  1. Bob,

    Nice ass-essment. If you were only privy to the inner workings of the old political clock, it would make you cuckoo.

    I believe another underlying, subliminal message in the ad campaign for The Blind Side is that Sandra's sweet assets will be compromised by 500 pounds of dark, sweet chocolate.

    That would be so sweet!


  2. Bill,

    I know that you're old, dead and burning in hell but you commented on the wrong post.

    You're a loser, Bill.


  3. Bob,

    I have perused the outdated lexicon in the big guy's office for the proper words to express my feelings and I can do no better than to say:

    Fuck you!

    I am done with you, Sir.