Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiger Woods Beaten Up By Swedish Wife

or Shocking Photo of Tiger Woods Revealed!!!

Up to a few days ago, I could give a fart about Tiger Woods.


Based on my TV, the idea that Tiger Woods may have cheated on a woman that looks as good as a woman can look fascinates everyone. That Mrs. Perfect 10 may have hit Tiger Woods upside the head with his own golf club? That cracks me up.

***I expunged the rest of this bit because it made me cringe.***


  1. Oh, now that I've had a chance to get up to speed on this delightfully big story, I'm ever so pleased. No other athlete is as dominant in a sport as Tiger is, so a story like this is 100% pure schadenfreude....

  2. He should have used an app for his phone to hide his contacts and calls, something like bbCalc for the iPhone!

  3. JustinB,

    Thanks for the comment! Tiger needs you in his posse.

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