Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Trip to Latkeland

Last night, I bundled up the family and headed out to Latkeland in Teaneck, New Jersey. For you folks that aren't in the know, a latke is a potato pancake and Latkeland is like Legoland only greasier.

It was an evening of slippery fun! As the sun set over Passaic, guess what we had for dinner? Nope. We fooled you. We had burgers at the Burger House. Delicious! The missus and I sat at our table enjoying some Manny's over ice while the kids played in the nearby fountain.

What a surprise! The fountain squirted applesauce! Our little Sascha snuck some sour cream when he thought nobody was looking.

There are over 18 rides and many exhibits. The most impressive exhibit was a five story statue of Sitting Bull made entirely of latkes. Never before has a Native American seemed like he belonged to one of OUR tribes! :)

The Melonosky family gives Latkeland 5 stars!!! Enjoy it with your family soon!

Sitting Bull says, "Ugh. Me no like latkes."

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