Thursday, June 5, 2014

Don Zimmer, 1931-2014

Last night I found out about the death of Don Zimmer while listening to the Yankee game on the WFAN Yankees Radio Network Driven by Jeep.

funny Don Zimmer story John Sterling Yankees

It went something like this, understand I'm paraphrasing a bit:

Suzyn Walman:  Oh my, oh this is terrible, John. 

John Sterling:  I've seen worse swings, Suzyn.  Baseball is a funny game.  Derek Jeter takes a perfect swing and hits a liner right at the leftfielder while that young Oakland A's catcher hits a dribbler and drives in a run. You can't predict baseball.

Suzyn: No, look at this John. (rustling of paper)

John: Oh my, this is sad news, Suzyn.  Don Zimmer's passing brought to you by 5-Hour Energy.  Feeling dead tired? Try a 5-Hour Energy today. 

To be fair, John Sterling didn't do a drop-in as soon as he read the news -- but within a minute or two, a beep must have gone of in his headset and he told us the pitch count and read a 5-Hour Energy promo right in the middle of a Don Zimmer story.

Yankee broadcasts have no class, no style, and worst of all, no idea what's going on in the game.

New York Yankee radio broadcasts make my ears bleed.

And when ever a Yankee bleeds he heads on over to New York Presbyterian Hospital.  Back to back, belly to belly, New York Presbyterian Hospital sponsors every Yankee scrape, cut and contusion, no matter the location.

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