Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Rerun: The Home Alone Theme Song Blues or All I Want for Christmas is a Lexus

From way back in the archives, circa 2013, a Christmas tradition, rerunning old retreads.  I spent a lot of time photoshopping the passed out Santa from Harold and Kumar into the Lexus ad..
Home Alone funny creepy eating fingers part

When did the song from Home Alone become THE Christmas song on every TV commercial?

You know the song.  It plays when the spoiled brat gets all misty when he looks at the photo of his incredibly irresponsible mother.  If that mother was poor and black, Child Services would have taken away all those kids, and that photo would have shown up on the front page of the New York Post.

Lexus Christmas gift funny dead santa

Craftsman tools, Home Alone. The jewelry store in the mall that isn't "Every Kiss Begins with Kay." Home Alone. 


I'm gonna take a minute and rant about Every Kiss Begins with Kay.  How effing effed up is that sediment?  It's the Anti-Christ Christmas slogan.  Does anybody know anybody  that wants somebody that will only kiss them when they give them diamond jewelry?  If Every Kiss Begins with Kay, shouldn't I buy all her jewelry at BJ's Wholesale?

No, but seriously, if I go out with this kind of chick, what do I really have to buy her to get some head, a Lexus?

The Lexus Christmas commercials use the Home Alone theme, too.

Da,  da,  da,  da,  da da da,  da...

Who can afford to give someone a Lexus for Christmas?  Doctors, drug dealers, the dad in Home Alone, and John Williams.

dead santa funny

John Williams, the guy that wrote the music in Star WarsJaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, ad nauseum, also wrote the Home Alone Christmas ditty -- because his pile of money wasn't big enough.  He even had to sue Lexus because they used a virtually identical copy of it without giving him credit or royalties.

So when is Mariah Carey going to do a cover version?

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