Wednesday, December 10, 2014

George W. Bush Books I Writed -- Part 2

You still don't believe I wrote twenty-seven books about George W. Bush for the Alabama National Air Guard True Life Adventure Series?  Here's Part 2.

George W. Bush golf funny Bob Melonosky
Lt. George W. Bush in Four Holes At Once, 1999 -- In the words of J. Edgar Hoover, "never, ever join a country club that lets a dirty whore walk through the front door."  FBI Director, transvestite, poet.

George W. Bush waist deep in the big muddy funny Bob Melonosky
Lt. George W. Bush in Waist Deep in the Big Muddy, 2005 -- Bush finds himself on maneuvers with the meanest Mississippi Map Turtles you ever met, a hot dame (and by a hot I mean passed out from the oppressive Alabama heat), and a colonel that refuses to kiss his ass.

George W. Bush wanted pussy funny Bob Melonosky
Lt. George W. Bush in All She Wanted Was Bush, 2000 -- When she told him that all she wanted was bush, Bush thought he was the luckiest man alive, you know, because he's dumb and usually really high. 

George W. Bush dead hooker cocaine funny Bob Melonosky
Lt. George W. Bush in The Third Dead Hooker This Month, 1991 -- The 247th Flying Rednecks had a motto, "Tag 'em, Bag 'em, Then Tag 'em, Again."  Bush wrote the motto so everybody pretended to like it.

George W. Bush neo nazi funny Bob Melonosky
Lt. George W. Bush in a Costume Party at the Officer's Club, 2003 -- The only thing Bush liked better than coke and pussy was dressing up like a Nazi while snorting coke and engaging in sexual intercourse with lots of pussy.  It was a Yale thing.

George W. Bush grandma funny book bob melonosky
Lt. George W. Bush in Make Room for Grandma!, 2003 -- Bush was still picking gray pubes out of his teeth during his second presidential campaign.  People used to think it was dental floss.

George W. Bush business failure funny Bob Melonosky
Lt.George W. Bush in Two for the Price of One, 1997 -- Before he failed as the president of a baseball team, before he failed in the oil business, before he failed as the president of our great land, Bush failed to negotiate a satisfactory deal with the Flannery sisters.

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