Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brett Favre Retiring? Includes an Endless Analysis of NFL TV Reaction Cut-Aways

Brett Favre's bruises haven't even started to get yellow around the edges and he's already begun his retirement whining. There is nothing worse than a grizzled crybaby. I'm boycotting SportCenter if they start running with this crap. Why can't Brett stay retired? I explained this already -- has something to do with Mississippi and pigshit.

But then I noticed Brett's wife during the NFC Championship game. How could I miss her? She got more air time than Peyton Manning. If my wife looked like Deanna Favre and I could retire at 40, I'd skip the party, the last uncomfortable, parting e-mail, and the ESPN press conference and get my grizzled butt down to Hattiesburg.

That got me thinking about NFL Reaction Cut-Aways or RCAs as we like to call them in the biz. If you watch a Colts game, you get Peyton Manning chewing on a hang nail or analyzing computer printouts of national importance. If you watch a Patriots game, you get to see, Grumpy Belichick dressed in the same clothes he wears to change his oil.

For a while, while watching a Cowboys game, we got to see Jessica Simpson in a pink Tony Romo jersey.

Annoying? Yes, but a whole lot cuter and a whole lot less annoying than having to watch the Cowboys owner Jimmy Jones looking happy/sad in his owners box or on the sidelines.

I live in New York City so I get to watch a lot of Giants and Jets games. During a Giant game, we ONLY get to see Tom Coughlin overreact after every play. Nobody grimaces like Coach Tom. When the Giants get called for holding, Tom acts like he has never seen that particular penalty called before in all his years on the gridiron.

Jet games are worse. Jet fans get Fireman Ed. A man, much like Joe the Plumber, that is not a fireman nor associated with the Jets in anyway*.

My question is, why do we get to see only one official reactor at a game? My gut tells me that the networks think that showing more than one person reacting will confuse the average football fan.

Maybe I wanted to see how Drew Brees' wife reacts between every good or bad play the Saints made. I was starting to think that Drew is the only quarterback in the history of football that chose to marry a woman that doesn't deserve to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated in a bikini.

Don't fret, Brittany Brees looks gorgeous. She just didn't get any air time. I hope she wasn't pushing a book on mothering, or scrapbooking, or accepting Jesus as your personal savior.

The thing about these reaction shots is, we know how every single one of them is going to look. Touchdown? Happy. Interception? Sad. Bonecrushing blow to grizzled, old Brett? "Home Alone" hands to the face, "Ohhh!."

What's the point?

Here's Vikings Coach Brad Childress' reaction to my question.

P.S. Yeah, I saw Brett Favre's hot daughter sitting next to his hot wife. Banging your daughter has been illegal in Mississippi since 1997 so she does not figure in the retirement discussion.

* Apparently Fireman Ed did a commercial for the Jets promoting Bloomberg's ridiculous West Side Stadium project even though the NYC Fireman's union, working without a contract, was rightfully opposed to it. Another good reason to hate the guy.

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  1. ey Favre what are you doing man? what mean this retirimeng from the fields? beside...is that Jessica Simpson? what are she doing in there? mmmmmm.