Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Yankee Hate

jesus christ montero can hitJohn Sterling the despicable, unlistenable, makes Phil Rizutto sound like Vince Scully-able, radio announcer for the Yankees makes these personalized homerun calls that suck.

Some examples:

Nick Swisher - He's swishilicious (kid you not)
Curtis Granderson - The Grandy Man can! THE Grandy Man can!

and the alltime worse...

Jason Giambi - The Giambino! This is proof that 1.) there is no God (because if there was, He would allow Babe Ruth to rise from his grave and rip John Sterling into a hundred little pieces) and that 2.) all Yankee fans are idiots.

So, the Yankees have this new guy whose even better than Joba Chamberlain (remember him?) and almost as fat, Jesus Montero.

Sterling needs to come up with a personalized home run call because the guy is going to hit 61 homeruns in September.

john sterling sucks steinbrenner dickI sent Sterling a tweet and suggested:

"It is high, it is far, it is gone. Another homerun for Jesus! Christ, that sonofabitch can hit!"

He went with:

"Hey Zeus, is loose."

The Yankees suck on so many levels.

I've been a Yankee hater ever since they dissed Hank Greenberg. Here's some proof:
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There's more but my mouse hand got tired.

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