Thursday, August 6, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Bob Melonosky, Aerospace Club President

Bob Melonosky high school

Presenting the 1978 Half Hollow Hills High School Aerospace Club.  We met three times.  The first time we elected officers.  The second time we showed up at School Spirit Night and lost the sack race.  The last time we met for this yearbook photo. 

Not too much effort to get Aerospace Club President on my high school transcript.   SUNY-Stony Brook, here I come!  Strangely, for a club that was so undemanding, there were seven presidents.  My pal Dave was secretary, he couldn't handle the pressure of being president.  We made him wear a low cut sweater and bring us coffee.  He ended up at SUNY-Farmingdale.

I often wonder how much Mr. Fistule got paid to be our advisor.  He didn't even bother to show up for the photo.

Whoa, almost forgot the required euphemism.

See Cindy Fiore standing all the way to the left with her sweater vest, miniskirt, and long, luxurious, well-managed hair?  I used to send her to apogee in geosynchronous orbit in the last row of the planetarium (HHH HS East had a planetarium) using only my deep space probing tongue and my lunar roving fingers.  Once, while Cindy was attempting to jettison my payload, my big, Saturn V underwent rapid unscheduled disassembly when Mr. Fistule caught her preparing me for launch.

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