Thursday, April 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Bob Melonosky, Teen Rambo

Bob Melonosky Teen Rambo

There I am, the tallest member of the Half Hollow Hills East JROTC Pershing Riflettes.  I wouldn't be the leader I am today if not for my pseudo-military service.  lol   That's funny because as a leader, I'm not.*

As a pseudo-military battalion we were distinguished by our nearsightedness and lack of physical prowess.  During one memorable School Spirit Day, we got beat in dodge ball by the Drama Club and lost to the Robotics Club in a tug-o-war.  What could we do well?  We tied a mean tie, better than most teens in the 70's. You want a Windsor knot?  That's a job for the Riflettes!

The finest physical specimen in our ranks was Major Angela "Legs" Legittino.  She's sitting on the left in the front row.  We called her Legs because Legittino was longer.

Angela used to like tying me up with her aiguilettes, then tickling me with her long nails until the twin solid propellants in my Pershing Missile went ballistic, firing my entire teen payload into orbit.   (I'm required by law to include at least one euphemism in every  one of these Throwback bits)

 Infographic provided to you homeslices because I care.

*Nor was I a follower.  I was a free radical without a nose. Got out of the military just in time. 

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