Monday, May 4, 2009

Calling All Sean Greens!

The Mets keep signing Sean Greens, and while the spelling may differ, they all stink. Are there any other Sean Greens, Shawn Greens or Shon Greenes out there? The MLB minimum is over $400,000.

The first Shawn Green looked good in a uniform and made every yenta on the upper east side cream in her jeans but he couldn't hit or field, or run.

The new Sean Green doesn't look so good in a uniform and don't pitch so good.

Hey Omar, howabout signing one these Sean Greenes I have assembled here on my blog:

This Sean Greene plays a mean tuba and looks like a light hitting second baseman. I know we have two of those but we can always use another.

This Sean Greene is a choreographer and former ballet dancer. I admit he doesn't look like much but my scouts tell me that he has a knuckleball that floats, dances and pirouettes.

I saved the best Shawn Greene for last. He's currently a professional Kart racer with over 400 friends. He's a libra and looks great for a guy that is 101 years old. He's single, straight and has a little pop from the right-side.

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