Thursday, May 21, 2009

Typos, National Lampoon and a Shameless Plug

I was just reading a bit that is posted over at the site, admiring my own cleverness and wit, when I found two typos. I hate typos. What pisses me off about these particular typos is that not only did I miss them, no fewer than two editors at National Lampoon missed them two. (I did that on purpose cause it's whacky).

I have this dislexic thing about your and you're. I know I have this problem. I've always had this problem. You would think that whenever I type these frickin' words I would be extra careful. You would be wrong.

The bit is called Eighteen Magazine's Guide to the Prom. It's memorable for a couple of reasons.

1. National Lampoon bought it even though it had been on for years and had been read by several dozen people. A couple of Benjamin Franklins for absolutely nothing, sweet.
2. I really, really like the photoshop job I did on that dandelion corsage. I especially like the two dangling flowers. Most of the stuff I do is crap but not always.
3. The loser with the pink cummerbund is Stuttering John Melendez from the old Howard Stern Show. Why did I use it? Because dogs can lick they're own balls. I got a thing about their, there, and they're, two.


  1. Hey, blogs would be no damned fun without spelling errors and flat out factual inaccuracies. Plus, it gives your commenters something to heckle you about when you confuse Orlando Hernandez with Orlando Hudson.

  2. Sadly, I have no commenters or readers.

    Thanks for the comment!