Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Too Many Sean Greens on the Dance Floor - A Greene Update

So, I'm waiting for the games to start last night and Loudmouths is on SNY and their riffing on the Sean Green thing and I'm thinking, "Damn, they stole my bit." But they're comparing Sean Green with Shonn Greene.

Shonn Greene is a running back out of Iowa. At 5'11" and 227 lbs, he's undersized and was slow at the combines. Something tells me that he could stand in the batter's box and waggle his bat just as effectively as Gary Sheffield. Sign him up, Omar.

While we are on the subject of Shawn Green, it was a little bit sad early this season when Kevin Youkilis passed Art Shamsky bumping him off the Top 10 list.

All-Time Jewish Homerun Leaders

Hank Greenberg 331
Shawn Green 328
Sid Gordon 202
Al Rosen 192
Mike Lieberthal 150
Mike Epstein 130
Steve Yeager 102
Brad Ausmus 79
Ryan Braun 76
Kevin Youkilis 72

Tied for 11th place, Art Shamsky/Lou Boudreau 68

That's a pretty good team for a bunch of nice Jewish boys.

The list was compiled by I updated it for 2009.

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