Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Joba Chamberlain Report - 5/29/09

Never has so much been made of so little -- even in Yankee land. If Yankee fans hear John Sterling, Michael Kay, and Brian Cashman say it often enough, they will believe anything. You know, things like Joba Chamberlain is having a good year or he's going to be a "special" starter.

Joba Chamberalin is not having a good year. He's having a terrible year. His WHIP is 1.57, that means he's in 107th out of 124 starters. His innings per start is 5.03, good for 112 out of 124.

Special? He's not even mediocre. He's down near the bottom in every meaningful statistic. Don't stick his ERA in my face, he gets taken out of games before he ever gets pounded. Joba has never taken even a third of an inning for the team.

You say, "But Suzyn Waldman says he has great stuff!" Daniel Cabrera has great stuff, so does Ollie Perez. Good stuff does not equal good pitching.

Joba Chamberlain was a special reliever over a short period of time. So far, as a starter, Joba Chamberlain sucks.

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