Monday, May 4, 2009

The Sheffield Report - 5/4/09

For a loss, saturday's game was not so bad. Yeah, Ollie Perez stunk but the Mets came back and Ken Takahashi came in from the bullpen to keep the game close. Let's sign Takahashi to a $37 million extension and make him our 4th starter.

Jayson Werth is officially the Mets Killer. When he's not getting clutch hits, he's gunning guys down at the plate. I'd rather see Ryan Howard and Shane Victorino whenit counts than Mr. Werth.

But this post is about the Sheff. He batted cleanup, again. And left 4 runners on base, again. What happened to using Sheffield only as a pinch hitter? Last week I assumed that Omar Minaya was intellectually challenged and explained things with simple words and pictures. I have come to the conclusion that Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel are both effing stupid.

Gary Sheffield batting .176 with 1 HR and 4 RBIs is the cleanup hitter. Gary Sheffield has come to the plate with 32 runners on base and driven in 3. That's 9%! That's worse than everybody's whipping boy, David Wright.


  1. Do you really think anybody reads this crap or wants to hear about America's most boring sport from you. Get a JOB.

  2. Hey Steve, measured any man ass lately?