Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Sheffield Report - 5/28/2009

This is my obligatory Gary Sheffield Report that explains that I was wrong about him being totally washed up. But before I put my tail between my legs...

Why wasn't Gary Sheffield running hard last night when he got thrown out at home? And why did Jerry Manuel give him a pass? If Ryan Church had failed to run hard, Jerry would have thrown Mr. Church under the bus, backed the bus over his body and kicked him in the nuts for good measure.

Could Jerry be scared that Sheffield would go off like a cluster bomb filled with hate, entitlement and 'roid rage? Probably.

Is it just me or should they have made that bobble head's head a little bigger? What with the massive amounts of steroids and human growth hormones it looks as if Gary Sheffield's head was designed to scale.

I'm sorry but I have forgotten the point of this post. Oh wait, steroids and HGH make hitters better.

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